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What We Can Do for You

Product Development

We help our customers develop the next generation of their products. In some cases, we start from the ground up to build something entirely new. We define the needs of each project and provide the necessary resources for the task.

Rapid Manufacturing

Our facilities are outfitted with machinery for multi-axis manufacturing (CNC mills, CNC lathes), waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, 3D printing (SLA & FDM), sheet metal bending & fiber laser engraving. Send us your fabrication drawings and we will provide a quote.

Hardware Design

Good products are built on good hardware. Our team of multidisciplinary engineers will build custom hardware tailored for each application. From brackets, enclosures and mechanisms to embedded systems and controllers, we have the necessary skills in house to complete the job.

Software Solutions 

Our team is experienced with firmware development ranging from bare metal embedded systems to more complicated systems requiring a real-time operating system. We also take care of computer-based software for user interfaces and automated testing. 

Modern Architecture
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