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Who We Are
Black Stripe Technologies is a full-stack engineering design facility with in house rapid prototyping and manufacturing capabilities.

At Black Stripe we help our customers innovate and produce cutting edge products and technologies to drive the next generation of industrial and consumer devices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make hardware development as simple as possible by providing a seamless tech development experience to our customers from concept to delivery.

Core Values


At Black Stripe we provide practical solutions and guidance to customers looking to innovate by embracing cutting-edge technologies.


We believe that transparency is key to forming a more comfortable relationship for our clients. We provide our customers with detailed plans for development so they can be cognizant of our processes every step of the way. 


Tech development can be intimidating. Our team will help breakdown even the most challenging of projects into more manageable chunks. We assign in house project managers to help our customers progress their ideas and products.

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