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Joint of a robotic arm with cable harnessing

Redefining Manufacturing
& Design

Professional Solutions for Professional Projects 

Specialized Robotics Equipment & Accessories  

Fast-Turn Manufacturing

Embedded Systems & Electromechanical Development

Tailored Design Services For All Industries

What We Offer

As a hardware development company, our facilities are ready to support your project with in-house rapid prototyping for an ultra-fast turnaround experience.

Multi-axis machining

Why Choose BlackStripe

Industrial Grade Manufacturing

Our facilities are outfitted with machinery for multi-axis manufacturing (CNC mills, CNC lathes), waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, 3D printing (SLA & FDM), sheet metal bending & fiber laser engraving.

One Stop Shop for All of Your Development Needs

We can get involved at any phase of your development lifecycle. Our services include concept research, design and prototyping, product validation, scaling to mass production, product maintenance.

High Quality Design & Analysis 

Our Engineers collectively have over 40 years of experience in producing market tested products. We are qualified to produce robust designs or conduct a design analysis for our customers.

Expert Consultants At Your Service

Need to consult an expert? No Problem! Our team at Black Stripe is highly trained and ready to advise. We have experience in consumer devices, industrial equipment, automation, robotics, medical devices and much more.

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